• Which kind of heaters you use in your dehydrators: common electrical heaters, infrared heaters or some other type?
    The 304 stainless steel heating tube with radiation fellers be used in the dehydrator
  • Which models can you advise for a trial purchase? Could you please suggest 1-2 reliable quality models for home-use and 1-2 high quality models for professional use for our first testing purchase?
    Yeah, we suggest some items for home usage,and some for commercial usage,pls chk the the column of products. Normally for home usage the capacity is some smaller as the one of ST03TG,and for commercial usage the capcity is bigger like STO00,ST32 etc..For all the detailed information of ST03TG,or ST00,ST32,you can find in the description that listed in the column of product.
  • What is the main difference between the models with rotating trays and without rotating trays? Is the drying quality of the models with rotatingtrays is much higher compared with the models without rotating trays? How noisy they are?
    Yeah, some pepole like the rotating trays ,especially for the item with big capacity ,like "ST00",but the dehydrating results is same because there are one rear mounted horizontal ventilation system for all the dehydrators that can ensure the evenly dehydrating for all the trays inside. The noisy is normally in 45dB~50dB,you can find all the accurate value in the detailed description of each item that listed in the product column.
  • Is there a temperature control sensors inside the dehydrators?
    Yes, there is a thermostat to ensure the accurate temp. control during the dehydrating.
  • Is there a humidity control sensors inside the dehydrators?
    There are no any humidity control sensor inside the machine ,but with the cookbook or manual, the user can cook all the delicious food easily.
  • What is the MOQ for producing the equipment with our own brand (includingour package, manual, etc.)?
    The MOQ is normally 1*20'SD, for different item ,the loading qty is different ,pls refer to the relevant statement of each item in the website.
  • What warranty you provide for the equipment? Please let me know the warranty terms.
    As the original factory,we offer 1 year warranty for all the users,during the warranty we offer 100% free spart parts ,after one year warranty , we offer free spare parts only,but the freight will be collected by the buyer.
  • Do you have some equipment with special software that requires a translation? If yes, do you have a Russian version of such software?
    If you mean your mother language Version Manual and Panel ,yeah, we can offer the Manual and Panel in Russian or any other language Version,so the user from any different area can operate the machine correctly and easily.
  • Do you have any model of Slicer which can match the usage of dehydrating?
    Yeah, we have one manual Slicer that presented at the website,it is SL01
  • What's the normal lead time for the production ?
    Well for the order with the qty under 5*40'HQ, we can ensure you the ontime loading in 30 days .
  • How about the certifications and listings of the current products ?
    Well our factory achieved the BSCI already,and for the current products verified by CE/GS/ETL/LFGB/RoHs already.

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