We are a trusted brand, we are a factory with a solid reputation

TOPONEKITCHEN inputs 40% of the profit for the R&D

Products trusted for performance, relied upon for durability

Topone In Numbers

TOPONE KITCHEN, Original Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator Manufacturers And Supplier, Focus On Manufacturing And Developing Of Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator Over 12 Years.

Our Main Products Are: Home Food Dehydrator, Commercial Food Dehydrator, Meat Dehydrator Machine And Vegetable Dehydrator Etc.




Plant area

1 million+

Sales volume

20 +

Sales area


All in house


Our stainless steel food dehydrator are built for ongoing commercial and home use and are perfect for fruit, meat, vegetable, beef jerky, baby solid food, pet treats, scented tea, snack and so much more!