We are a trusted brand, we are a factory with a solid reputation, but we are now so much more .“TOPONEKITCHEN” means bringing nature and healthy back in every moment for all the living occasions, it is maybe a big day Chinese New Year, or an outing excursion with your family, or just a weeknight dinner at home, ”TOPONEKITCHEN” means making all the daily lives meaningful and siginificant.

Starting as the professional manufcturer of stainless steel food dehydrator, the founder MR. PENGJIE XIE, invented the original stainless steel food dehydrator in China way back in Aug.31, 2016, thereafter Foshan Topone Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd., brought the initiative stainless steel food dehydrator, the natural healthy culinary, around to thousands families worldwide , inspiring and leading the trend of healthy living everyday and everywhere.

This new versatile appliance creats the new economic and healthy way of food preservation, costing less, creats the new cooking lifestyle, bringing the nature and healthy back.

Throughout the years, “TOPONEKITCHEN” became the brand of stainless steel healthy food dehydrator that everyone came to depend on for all the daily lives.

The originator “TOPONEKITCHEN” provides stylish products trusted for performance, relied upon for durability, and endeared for their savory results . Whether you’re searching for that perfect gift, looking to make variaty delicious healthy snacks of fruit or vegetable, beef jerky, pet treats at home yourself, or get the most for your money, the innovative “TOPONEKITCHEN” is the best choice.

To achieve the flawless dehydrators, to fulfill the mission of helping people to be healthy, TOPONEKITCHEN inputs 40% of the profit each year for the R&D since the establishment 2008 . Yeah it is really high investment for R&D, but it is deserve it.The most important thing in the life is To Be Happy, while To Be Healthy which have slowly faded away from many people’s memories nowadays, do really is the basic fundation of To Be Happy.

As science develops, we tend to live longer. Our life spans could been prolonged but in many aspects our quality of life has degraded. Many people live in densely populated, high-stress environments, juggling multiple jobs (being a mom/dad is a job too!) and tight schedules. Such people tend to forego healthy, fresh and natural produce for quick, cheap and processed food. Lack of exercise, lack of consumption of nutrient rich foods and the loss of the connection to nature, all of this add up to the deterioration of health of the modern man.

We strive to make healthy living more accessible with our full s/s elegant food dehydrators and bring more and more of nature and healthy back into our homes, kitchens and daily lives.


Bringing nature and healthy back


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